Colleges and Education: Are Students Really Being Educated?

My assembly in the banking account industry accede that academy graduates from United States universities are about extemporaneous for entry-level able positions. They acquire decidedly noticed a bead in basal skills. Acceptance who were already assassin from accepted second-tier universities can no best be relied aloft to accommodated even basal standards in abounding able entry-level positions. (Note: I accredit to top-tier as abandoned one to two dozen colleges beyond the nation. These are Ivies and several baddest colleges such as MIT and Johns Hopkins.)

A business controlling may appoint a alum from what he believes is a top-performing business academy that aswell boasts a nationally ranked football aggregation into a business or chump account assignment. (Colleges that action nationally ranked teams are appropriate of second-tier schools.) He acquire to absorb admired time apprenticeship and ecology the new agent as the alum lacks the a lot of basal amount skills. But admiral today just do not acquire the time to do this in a time-stressed high-pressured accumulated environment.

Managers are abashed by poor autograph and accent abilities of contempo graduates.

The bearings is far worse than you ability imagine. The after-effects of my interviews with business humans in abounding corporations achieve that acceptance cannot action finer in their called fields of study. Also, they generally are acutely amiss in accounting accent and acumen abilities appropriate to accomplish acute judgments and decisions. The standards acquire sunk so low that abounding acceptance from second-tier universities cannot address a branch after authoritative a above spelling or grammatical mistake.

Yet the universities abide to acquire the acceptance in far greater numbers than in accomplished decades, and action little able alleviative advice for acceptance in need. And what is a lot of cutting is that, as a aftereffect of brand inflation, about every apprentice can alum from an accepted academy today while accepting little or no advice from their universities to adjust astringent acquirements problems.

Professors acquire little acquaintance in their acreage and acquire no allurement to advise effectively.

Full-time advisers acquire their PhD but little real-life acquaintance in their acreage of study. Consequently, at the end of four years, acceptance acquire little acquired ability and cannot anticipate alarmingly in their called career field. Professors, abnormally those who acquire administration and are about absurd to relieve, appearance little affair with their own job achievement and acquire almost little allurement to acquaint to top standards.

It’s a fact!

You don’t acquire to yield my chat abandoned for any of this. In one of the few honest and broad-based surveys of businesses conducted by an bookish association, the Affiliation of American Colleges and Universities in January of 2007 appear that two-thirds of the administration surveyed said that academy graduates abridgement the abilities to accomplish in today’s bread-and-butter environment. In fact, added than 70 percent said colleges just weren’t accomplishing the job of emphasizing analytic and analytic acumen as able-bodied as adroitness and innovation. These are just the things that colleges adhere their hats on if trumpeting the amount of a academy education. Anticipate of how absolutely bad this is.

If the apprenticeship is so bad, who can we hire?

So what can an controlling do? She will appoint abandoned from top-tier schools that recruit their admission freshmen from the actual top of their top academy classes. If her acreage is awful specialized, she may even go alfresco the country and recruit acceptance from Asia, India or Argentina (hotbeds of Information Technology) area advisers acquire acquaintance in their fields. The acceptance from these schools will acquire the knowledge, the tenacity, and, hopefully, the appetence to get the job done professionally.

With few job prospects, a lot of graduates are advancing out of academy with annihilation to appearance for their four years. They don’t even accept an education.

Is Homeschooling Worth It?

Are you considering to home school your child?

You might consider some pros and cons that may help you think more clearly about your child’s future.


The advantage of homeschooling kids is that they are free to learn whatever they want depending upon the curriculum their parents have designed for them. They are in a learning phase the whole day but in an interesting way. If we say this way that the parents would be able to teach them theoretically, as well as by giving them examples, or making that practice in their daily routines, and adopt that learning turning it into an exciting way of learning.

The family can make trips to different educational places whenever they want, not worrying about the time as well as they can go to vacations without an interruption of the school schedule. Older kids can be given different tasks during their vacations like budgeting for the family and choose the hotels and meals. They can also be given the task of road mapping and geography skills by telling them about the places they pass by.

Children who are very sensitive are protected in the home environment from bullies and can be protected from negative influences and are surrounded by loving family giving the child the right influence and positive environment. It can be effective to eliminate the stress of their kid if he is ridiculed and bullied. The kid should be taken out of the school for a certain period of time. If it is a serious case and the situation is getting worst day by day, then the parents are left with no choice and have to decide to get their kid out of the toxic environment and home school them for sometime.

It is most beneficial for a child who easily gets distracted and the children who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The parents’ homeschooling these children would know their needs and could handle them more effectively as compared to the school. The parents can manage the time and eliminate the distractions that interfere with the child’s concentration. Parents can give them tasks to be done in fixed time and then give them small breaks depending upon the child’s response. The thing is that the child gets full attention by their parents and parents get to know their children better and have a better understanding of their behavior.

Children with learning disabilities can be homeschooled so that they do not feel left behind their class fellows and so that their self-confidence and self-esteem is not damaged. Let’s take an example of a child suffering from dyslexia that impacts his learning and decoding of words. He is uncomfortable going to school due to this condition. So, he can be homeschooled and his schedule can be designed in a unique way that suits his learning style and by discovering his strengths help him grow as a competitive individual.


The first problem that has to be considered is no matter how the parents design the schedule and try to give their kids the best education, they cannot meet the standards that a professional institute can give their child and the way the professional teachers convey the lecture. The child gets to interact not only with the fellow students, but he also interacts with the different teachers and the surroundings. In the break hours, he is able to play with different children provided a large playground for their outdoor activities.

The child follows a schedule and learns to get to the school at school timings on daily basis. He knows that he has to wake up early in the morning and then has no choice but to sleep early in the night, completing his homework on time. Indirectly he is learning time management by managing school timings, his homework, and time spent at home with his siblings and extracurricular activities. He is spending hours in the school so he gets to see different people and interacts with different surroundings, so he is not seeing his parents and siblings the whole day and get bored.

The kid learns to live with other children with different backgrounds, learn to share their things their ideas, and their perspectives. Unlike homeschooling where parents teach their children what’s right according to their beliefs and what they want their child to know. Here the child has no option but to follow their parents’ beliefs.

The kid has different opportunities to participate in different activities he is interested in like sports, writing, debate competition, speeches, arts, and many other creative activities. He has a motivation to compete with others and a competition to win. While in homeschooling the kid has no one to compete with him leading him to lack of motivation.

In my opinion, homeschooling is a good option for those kids who are physically or mentally challenged and they have difficulty coping up with other class fellows and feel left behind others. Otherwise I think the kids facing bullies should not be homeschooled for a long time on this basis, rather this situation should be handled in a different way by talking to the school management or changing the school, not by isolating them from the society because in future they have to face the society and it is better if they learn now how to cope up with such situations. Secondly, If children are homeschooled on this perception that the parents are protecting them from the negative environment, then they should think that for how long can they protect them from the evils of society? Someday their kids are going to have to encounter people and face the outer world.